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I am BlankStar [Trap Addict]

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I'm Blank, a moderator of the Yaoi and Loli/Shota manga communities. I shall answer any burning questions you may have for myself or the two communities I help moderate.

Don't hesitate to ask if you want to know more about me. In general, I am a full time college student and am busy in my studies. So, I have not been able to spend as much time on Luscious as I would like. Most of my time on this site is spent moderating and uploading, but I enjoy a healthy conversation.

Not sure what else to say, this is all subject to change and I will update it as necessary.

Hope you enjoy your stay on this site!

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      What People Say to Me

      salmonbrotherbobdole – 8 hours ago

      Are all tanned loli girls extreme nymphomaniacs?

      CDandTGurlLuvr – Oct. 12, 2017

      I've got a load of thick mana built up for him.

      CDandTGurlLuvr – Oct. 11, 2017

      I wanna fuck him so badly

      adamvf – Oct. 11, 2017

      idk whats going on with this story....

      J.V [YuriLover] – Oct. 5, 2017

      How to resist to something like that?

      kingd353 – Oct. 4, 2017

      i like mihiro chan... mihiro chan is a good girl ^^

      Marz – Oct. 2, 2017

      I've been told that Tattoos have a social stigma in japan. In this case guy is Yakuza I think.

      kingd353 – Oct. 2, 2017

      that tatoo clearly means something..... i'm going to assume the most generic threat there is in japan yakuza?